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Flexibility Dieting, or IF IT FITS YOUR MACROS, also known as IIFYM. Honestly, this is my preferred way of "dieting." Let's bring that flexibility to work! Find a balanced way to find sustainable fitness, so you can be empowered to eat healthily and still balance a social life.

Flexible Dieting


While I prefer teaching you how to eat nutritiously balanced meals. I understand the desire to try keto. If you would like to follow a keto lifestyle, I am totally up for it! This is about finding what works best for YOU. Let's just do it the right way!

Image by Heather Ford
Image by Farhad Ibrahimzade


As I said earlier in regards to keto diets, I understand intermittent fasting fits certain humans' lifestyles. So if it is something you like, and would like to keep on doing... or learn about doing it the proper way, I would be happy to walk you through how that would look like... in the healthiest way possible!


Have you recently been diagnosed with PCOS and think it's impossible to lose weight?

On the Scales
Intermittent Fasting
Man Doing Blood Test


Have you ever felt a little lost, and unsure of how to approach a diet with your diabetes? Let's start planning for longevity!

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