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Be of service- 142 Days Out

Daily reminder for you, but also for me.

Be of service to others. I feel like over this last year I have been getting slightly jaded and callus with certain things. Along with the fact that I've been juggling a lot of mental/ physical health shit. I just feel like I've stepped away from some of my customer service background. I say this, because I always get so invested in client's. Whether it's business, fitness, or social media clients. I have just gotten hurt so much so I almost come in with my guard up.

That's not me! That's not what I want to be. That's not who I will be in the future. I can harden up my approach. Leading with tough love, but emphasis on the love.

Anyways, today's video just hit me. Which is funny because I say all of this, but I've been working on client stuff while multi tasking everything this morning because some stuff was dropped in my plate last second.

Anyways, get your shit done. Be kind. Be grateful. Be safe & happy memorial day weekend! Not sure if I will be posting a blog over the weekend since we are off to Mexico in a few hours.

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