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Be Patient

I've had a lot of conversations with you thiccc n Thiners lately... and man they have broken my heart but have also made me so proud.

Some of you juggling big life changes.

Some of you killing their fitness journey with even bigger aspirations.

Some of you dealing with imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy in some field of their life...

And some of you are dealing with all of the above.

I feel so lucky that I can share this journey with you... but I want to remind you of some things.

  1. You can't break years of bad habits in a matter of days, let alone weeks. This will take constant work and consistency

  2. You need to trust the process.. and remember it's a PROCESS. It will take time, so be patient with it and if you're 💯 on top of all the tasks I have written out for you... and YOURE ACTUALLY EXECUTING I promise you will get to where you wanna go

  3. Success isn't linear. You will fall off, you will fail, you will absolutely kill it other days, and then you will fall again. It's normal, and as long as you continue to show up... you're doing well I promise

  4. you have to want this more for you, than I want this for you. I can give you all the tools but if you're not willing bb to execute and utilize them... you'll still be stuck in the same position you are now

  5. I truly am grateful for your trust

Remember today is the day for you to set your week up for success, so preplan your meals and prep so you're not mindlessly eating throughout the week.

You have a plan, so use it!

I'll talk more tomorrow, I gotta get my ish done too Hehe 🙃

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