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Find yourself again

You did it...


You made it through another week.

You made it through another holiday.

You made it through another day.

Now what?

Question for you. Do you feel fulfilled?

Conversely, do you feel a bit lost?

I'll be honest, I've felt like utter death the last few days. To be honest, ever since peak week from the first show. It's not only from physical exhaustion, but it's also mental and emotional exhaustion.

That being said, I have been more distant. I have been focusing on me. Focusing on what next steps to make after these preps. What does that look like? I have so many goals and aspirations I am working towards, which is what keeps me going.

I still do my daily non-negotiables because I have a set routine that I am adamant about keeping... but even then... I can still feel a bit lost at times. Which is why I wanted to share this video with you today. Along with opening up to you guys and letting you know, it's okay to not know. But it'll be even better when you start giving back to yourself.

We are almost in the last four weeks of 2022... can you believe it?! So let's make a promise to each other that, 2023 is going to be the year of you. The year of giving back. Not only to your community and surroundings... but most importantly giving back to yourself.



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