Learn to prioritize

Need vs Want

Learning the difference between need vs want will be a challenge you'll face for the rest of your life.

Whether this is financially, materialistically, fitness, food, etc.

Do you need that entire bag of chips today? Probably not. Do you need to hit your protein? Probably, yes! So how about you grab a bag of protein chips instead of the normal chips... so you can have your cake and eat it too.

Same thing goes with cake, do you need that cake? Probably not, but hell yeah you c an make a protein cake!

Do you need that third pair of shoes? Or do you need to save?

Do you need to book that impromptu trip? Well, maybe... maybe you need that time to unplug and recharge.

Do you need to sleep in? Or do you need to get "x" tasks done?

We are faced with this need vs want on the daily. When you can control your desires and focus in on the end goal. That's when you'll become successful.

Just remember, YES! I CANNA!

Yes I canna achieve!

Yes I canna succeed!

Yes I canna get to my goals!

Yes! I canna do it all

I believe in you

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