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I am so excited to welcome you to the new page. As you all know, one of my biggest mottos is PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. That being said, I plan on adding even more resources as time goes on.

If you don't know me yet, apologies! Hi my name is Vannesa, and I am a fitness advisor. I have an

undeniable passion for humans, and fitness. I grew up as an only child of a single mama, and we moved A LOT. My life has always been a little unstable, and health/fitness/organization was never really pushed onto me. I was a chubby latchkey kid that always idolized the models you'd see on TV. I always felt like there was something WRONG with me. Especially after being constantly told I was fat, ugly, and weird looking by my cousins. I never really understood why "family" treated me that way, but it really did start my obsession with fad diets.

I joined the cheerleading squad in high school, which I loved but I still felt like an outcast. Then I

started swimming, and waterpolo... that was the first time I felt like I was somewhat home. But of course, conditioning practice was NOT my jam. It's funny I remember going into the weight room being terrified, and dropping the bar on my chest... and I said NEVER AGAIN.

While I was learning to get some "movement" in, I did also start to dabble with drugs and alcohol. Plus, my nutrition wasn't 100% so then I found P90X videos, and some recipes... it still wasn't working.. WTH! Then I remember hearing things about the grapefruit challenge, so I tried that. I heard running with a trash bag was a sure way to loose weight... SO OF COURSE, I tried that too. Then I got into binging & purging... unfortunately, my body doesn't ever really like to throw up so that was also a wash... SO THEN, I would try HCG, Keto, Low Calorie Diets, Herbalife, all of the things... and it never worked. I was still looking back at the same reflection...and I didn't feel good... so what the heck?

Then in 2012, I hit my all time low. I was 204lbs, and I was in a very toxic relationship. Lucky for me, I had a mentor in my life that introduced this all woman's circuit training program to me. T

his is where I got a little comfortable moving my body. They did put us on like detox diets, but at least I was seeing some changes and got comfortable with weights again. I ended it with my ex at the time, and immediately latched onto a gym bro who introduced me to Dana Linn Bailey. She had me in awe. I was obsessed and wanted to be like her. Then I stumbled upon IIFYM (if it fits your macros), and that's when I decided I wanted to be a trainer too (I didn't follow through because my career was picking up)ended it with the gym bro... and started dating a trainer. We bonded over the gym, and I followed his journey onto the bodybuilding stage. We had a lot of trial and error, but it was so much fun! That's when I first started my YouTube channel, and decided to start my own #bodybuilding journey.

At the time I knew all the tools, I knew what I was mostly doing, I had a coach in place... but life got in the way. I was working 80+ hours a week, and averaging at about 4 hours of sleep a night. In the caloric deficit, there was a time where I was getting my period multiple times in a month... and it was totally reeking havoc onto my I quit. I still chose to continue to #weightlifting, but never to get #shredded it was strictly just a form of therapy for me. I would average at about 172-180lbs. I had no problem being at that weight, but I knew I didn't have a ton of stamina.

Fast forward to 2020, #COVID hit. I was drinking a LOT with Eli (my now hubby), and we weren't doing a ton of moving. I would force myself to ride my bike 8 miles a day, just to get some movement in but despite that... I still got up to about 187lbs. We ended up moving to Texas, and I was able to join a gym again yay! It was slow and steady, then I bought a house. I was juggling life in California, and my new life in Texas. I was a bit depressed, so I just really latched onto the gym more than ever. Life was really rough at the time. I was navigating this new relationship with my father, I was home sick, and then I got fired. WTH IS GOING ON! So, I took that as an igniter to dig deeper into fitness. I knew that I can't dwell on the small things thrown at me, but I could focus on the things I could control... and that's when I decided I had to go all in with my fitness and nutrition. I started training, learning, experimenting, and partnering with some other awesome coaches.

The reasoning behind this long winded epilogue is to show you a little more of my fitness journey. Show you that, I haven't always had the answers. I haven't always been #fit, and I've fallen, and failed A LOT.

I found that when I finally switched the flip into my brain that I could focus on the small changes each day. I could focus on investing in myself, and my health... my entire world changed. It was exactly what I needed to get through the hard times. Plus, it is so much more rewarding than I thought! I could still eat amazing food, while staying in a caloric deficit.

Which is why it's such a huge goal of mine to help others find the clarity for themselves as well 💖

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