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Protect Your Hunger

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

Motivation is forever fleeting, it's the discipline that will push you through.

But disciplines, like anything else requires practice. It's like a muscle, it needs to be challenged. && if you don't use it... you lose it.

So when you aren't feeling motivated, or feeling like you want to finish off your protein... or get your steps in, or chug that last bit of water.

I ask you this.

Go back to your why.

Why did you start?

Why did you want to make these changes?

Who are you doing this for?

Who do you want to make proud?

How will you feel when you finally get to your goal?

It's been a few weeks since I've written a blog, and trust me it wasn't because I wasn't doing all of my normal routines. I was. But that took so much energy out of me, I needed to give back to myself and allow myself to process and heal. My energy levels were down, my hunger was up, my training volume has been a lot more intense... and I was struggling. (Lol seems like I've been struggling a lot) but this is a different type of struggle. Bodybuilding takes a toll on your body, and being in a caloric deficit for a good part of two years... no matter how healthy you do it. Takes a lot out of ya, so I allowed myself the time/grace to do things that relaxes me and got myself back in order. I would be lying if I said that shifting my mindset to weight gain vs weight loss hasn't also been a struggle. But it definitely has... then on the flip side making sure I don't gain too much too fast is also a battle in itself... but I shall prevail.

&& I really feel like being at this stage will help me become more empathetic to new comers into the fitness world. Battling urges to eat in excess and reconnecting my appetite/hunger queues... it makes me excited. You know... I love the challenge.

Another thing I've been struggling with is trying to figure out what to do next... and when to start. After the holidays we will be renewing our bouldering membership so maybe I'll do a bouldering competition 👀 or maybe a powerlifting competition 👀 not sure if my body can handle a PL though tbh. So we will see.

I'm happy to get back on my blog train though. Honestly it gives me purpose in the morning, and I hope it touches some of you too.

Thanks for reading. 🫂

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