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We’re back on the bullshit -171 Days Out

Gooooodddd morning fam,

It's been awhile, and I've already dropped the news on social media but I wanted to come on here for those that don't follow social media.

It's official, we are 171 Days out from the next show. Feeling good. Feeling excited. I currently have a rash. Recently got my gym back stolen, I had a tear in my right eye, and I am now what you call "a fine wine" since I am officially 30 years old.

Other than all of those things, we are still moving... and extremely excited!

Lots of trips planned, but we are going to stick to the plan and I am happy to bring you along the journey.

Just like last prep I will be posting motivational videos, and/or my prep update vlogs from my own channel... the only thing different about this journey is that we have a newTEAM & Eli is joining in on this journey.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared about the dynamic shift when it gets rough... but we will see how it goes together! Just trying to be as optimistic as possible, and remembering to be present in the journey.

I just changed my phone background which I've attached here... so if you wanna use it too... feel free!

Love you all 💗

My Checkins:

Weigh-In: 149.1

How am I feeling? Good

Todays Goals

  1. Fasted cardio

  2. Daily Blog

  3. Dog walk

  4. Leg day

  5. Duolingo

  6. Loving Angels Website

  7. First Royalty Consult Call

  8. Client Checkin

  9. Bee Soul Happy

  10. YouTube edit for Thursday post

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