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What I Use & Why- My Daily Staples

First things first, I do a lot of training. I have certain goals, so ALL of these supplements might not make the most sense for YOU. I will however put a star next to the items that EVERYONE can benefit from.

⭐️ Omega 3: For happy joints and… depression, eye health, improving risk factors of heart diseases, improved metabolism, immune system

⭐️D3: To help with your endorphins and absorb other vitamins more efficiently…. Along with healthy bones & teeth, regulating insulin, supporting cardiovascular health, immune system




-Collagen- My favorite flavor right now is Fruity Cereal, but I will be trying Vanilla this month

-Core 21- Improves sleep, and staying asleep which will help regulate your hormones, improve metabolism, improve weight loss, improve hunger queues, & regulates cortisol levels

⭐️Probiotics- Helps with the digestive system, reduces the severity of allergies and eczema, improves the immune system, and helps with weight loss...GUT HEALTH FOR THE WIN

⭐️Reds & Greens- Gut Health Gut Health Gut Health! Improves immune function, antioxidants, proper digestion

⭐️COQ10, Helps with the immune system, inflammation, and absorption of other vitamins, IMPROVES FERTILITY, reduces oxidative stress which can even help reduce the chances of diabetes

⭐️Multivitamin- General Health and filling the gaps of those essential vitamins and minerals

-L-Carnitine- It helps fight diabetes, aid weight loss, improves exercise performance, increases metabolism, and increases blood flow

-Creatine- Helps build muscle, aid recovery, energy levels, and cognitive function

-Preworkout- I personally use Project-1, this is ideal for weight training and strength training... NOT Endurance training...If you want a pre-workout perfect for Endurance, HIIT, Crossfit... I will post a different article at a later date.

Project-1 is a HIGH dose supplement (350mg of caffeine)… so I always do about 1/2 or 1/3 scoop to have it last longer and depending on how much I need it. (rocket pop, grape, and summer cooler is 🔥)

-Alphasurge: Helps with blood flow, the PUMP, and mind-body connection. This is a stimulant-free pre-workout that you can use on its own or paired with your other pre-workout stack

-Protein Supplement, you can get whichever protein of choice. Although this comes out to about $1.60 per serving, doesn’t go bad, tastes amazing, andddd mixes with everything! THERE ARE TWO OPTIONS I WOULD SUGGEST—


⭐️ Level-1 Is a sustained assimilation protein complex so it keeps you fuller longer, and is perfect for snacks/baking/mixing with anything — CURRENT FAVE flavors Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Chocolate Banana, and German Chocolate Cake

Postworkout Stack- This is what it sounds like. Perfect for after your workout to help refuel you and your energy, aid in recovery, build muscle. The post-workout stack is two products PHORMULA-1 (a protein isolate) and IGNITION (fast-digesting carb) <—Ignition doesn’t have a ton of flavor so only use it when you’re mixing it for your post-workout.

Current FAVE Flavors of P1- Root Beer Float, Orange Creamsicle, and Fruit-D Loop

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