You Are NOT a Victim- 78 Days

Good morning from Nashville 🤠

Last night was a full ass day of traveling. Absolutely exhausting, basically had everything thrown at us that we could. Food spilled all over us, TSA issues, delayed flight and almost missed our connection, two Lyft drivers cancelled our “ride” and of course we had to wait a bit to get into the hotel. But you know what, even though we had those obstacles… we got Eli his dinner and ate together while we waited for the attendant to let us in… didn’t get to bed til about midnight and now we are at the gym.

We could’ve easily slept in and been like naaa “we deserve” to sleep in… but NA WE DESERVE TO MOVE OUR BODY! So, I’m here writing this to you guys from The#RedConGym to remind you to change that perspective.

You are not a victim… you grow through what you go through

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