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Lunch & Dinner

Key Ingredients

Chicken Breast


40oz Chicken Breast
100g All-Purpose Flour
150g Chips of your choice (these will affect the macros!)
1 Large Egg
50g Egg Whites


1. Take your chicken breast and slice it into chicken tenders. Try your best to cut them evenly so they will cook evenly.
2. You will need 3 shallow size bowls to be able to coat the tenders in. Add your all-purpose flour to a bowl. Then add your large egg and 50g egg whites to another bowl and whisk. Lastly, add 150g of your chips to your food processor and process until there’s the consistency of a panko bread crumb. Add the breadcrumbs to the last bowl.
3. It’s time to dredge the chicken tenders. You will have one hand designated as the dry ingredient hand and the other as the wet ingredients hand. Try your best to keep with this because it’ll make this process so much easier.
4. I used my left hand as dry and right as wet. So line your dishes in the order of all-purpose flour, egg/egg whites, chip crumbs. Now take a chicken tender, dip it into the flour covering all sides. Then dip it into the egg/buffalo sauce covering it like you did in the flour. Then dip in the chips doing the same process. Add to a pan to hold until you add to the air fryer. Repeat this process for all 20 chicken tenders.
5. I had to do this in 3 batches because my air fryer could hold 7 chicken tenders each time. Spray your air fryer tray with non-stick cooking spray and add your chicken tenders. Spray the tops of the chicken tenders with your cooking spray and then cook at 360 degrees F for 10 minutes total. At the 5 minutes mark, you will flip the chicken tenders so they cook evenly. And that’s it! Repeat and enjoy!

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