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Lunch & Dinner

Key Ingredients

Spaghetti Squash & Lean Ground Beef


1 Whole Spaghetti Squash
Water to fill pan
Sea Salt + Garlic Powder to season Squash
300g Pasta Sauce
12oz 96/4 Lean Ground Beef
Sea Salt + Garlic Powder
30g Fat Free Feta


1. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees F. Now microwave your spaghetti squash for 2 minutes. Then flip over once 2 minutes is over and then microwave for another 2 minutes. The microwaves makes it easier for you to cut your spaghetti squash for baking.
2. Now take your spaghetti squash and cut off each end aka the top and the bottom. Please be careful doing this! Take your time! Then slice your spaghetti squash in half long ways.
3. Next, take a big spoon and scoop out all the seeds in the middle of the spaghetti squash.
4. Now take an oven safe pan with edges because you will be filling it with a small layer of water and you don’t want it spilling out. You also want it big enough to hold both halves of the spaghetti squash face down. Fill the bottom of the pan with about 1 inch of water. Then evenly sprinkle sea salt and garlic powder into the water.
5. Lay your spaghetti squash halves facedown and add to oven for 25 minutes.
6. While your spaghetti squash is baking, you can make up your meatballs by adding your 12oz of ground beef to a bowl. Season with your sea salt and garlic powder. Then form into 0.75-1oz meatballs. I did 0.75oz ones. Then add to stove top pan on 6/10 heat. Add cover on top to help the cook evenly. Flip the meatballs every couple minutes till they get that golden look on each side of the meatballs.
7. Once all is ready, take your spaghetti squash out and let cool for 5-10 minutes. Then take a fork and run it through the spaghetti squash. This should turn them into spaghetti. Now take out as much as you want to put on your plate, add your sauce (preheat in stovetop pot), meatballs and then feta cheese. Enjoy!

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